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Gas proportional counting in carbon dating

Most of the techniques mentioned in this review were already available around 1975 (see the Proceedings of the Ninth International Radiocarbon Conference (Berger & Suess 1979)); since that time, gas proportional counting has become a routine operating technique in several laboratories.Wherever possible, reference is made to individual laboratories; however, as the more technical aspects of the technique that are central to this chapter are rarely fully documented in the literature, we take most examples from the Heidelberg laboratory, and are fully aware that this description gives heavy weight to a single installation.

Archaeology and other human sciences use radiocarbon dating to prove or disprove theories.A brief summary of the LS method and some of the problems associated with the technique are given here.A more detailed report can be found in Polach (1987).The method was taken from the detection techniques used in nuclear physics and adapted to the special requirements of low-level counting of the carbon gases.A compilation made by W G Mook in 1983 lists 174 gas counters used in as counting gas.

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